Melody Project

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  • My Second Melody

Melody Composition Terms

  • Theme – a longer, more flowing melodic idea
  • Motive – a short, rhythmic idea (Beethoven’s firth symphony)
  • Period – is 8 measures of music
  • Phrase – average 4 measures
  • Antecedent (Question) Phrase – the first phrase is called this
  • Consequent (Answer) Phrase –  second phrase is called this
  • Scale Degrees – position of a particular note on a scale
  • Tonic – start and stop notes. other words home 
  • Supertonic, Mediant, Submediant – neighbor to the tonic note 
  • Dominant, Subdominant, Leading Tone – the most forward movement away from home notes 
  • Steps – any movement using half or whole steps
  • Leaps – any movement using intervals larger than a whole-step
  • Conjunct motion – melody built primarily out of steps
  • Disjunct motion – melody built primarily using leaps
  • Repetition – used repeated materials to create a link between the two phrases of a period
  • Contrast – write two phrases that contain contrasting material to create tension and interest
  • Variation – halfway between repetition and contrast. the two phrases include some recognizable material and some varied material

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

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