Stretch Goal for April 2020

  • Role – Pick a role, listed above, to focus on (director, musician, coder, etc. refer back to Career Exploration work)

My goal for this session is to be a musician and performer.

  • SMART Goal – What is your SMART goal?

by April 30, as a part of my melody project and to better understand melody, i will have created a song with a good melody behind it that is different than my other melodies, this will show over the next week

  • Why – Why do you want to achieve it?

i want to achieve it because i wanna create something different and fun, instead of being sad and gloomy. i will show something someone would want to listen to.

  • How – How will you achieve it?

how i will achieve this is by playing around with my instruments and finding something that fits and i can write lyrics to, or just finish the melody and work with it.

  • When – When will you work on it? 3 times a week? What days? How long per day?

i will be working on it everyday so i can get a better understanding of what i wanna work on and what sounds good to compose.

  • Resources – What resources do you need / will you use?

i will probably use songs i like to listen to and see what chords they use and a chart of chords i can do.

  • Milestones – What smaller goals will you set along the way? Set weekly dates on a calendar. These are little celebrations of progress

  • day one, i want to look at chords of artist i like and play their songs, writing down chords i can use and looking at a chord chart to see what other chords i wanna use.
  • day two, i will study the notes that i decided to write down and see if i know how to play them or learn how to play them.
  • day three, practice the chords till i can get them down and fiddle with the chords to make a chords progression.
  • day four, mess around and find the chords i wanna use in the melody and create that structure.
  • day five, write down the chords I’m gonna use and record lyrics that could go with it and listen to it and find the lyrics to go with if i chose to do that.
  • day six, record the song and post it on Soundcloud and send Leduc.
  • Heroines / Heroes – Who do you admire/ look up to that has done this before? Place their name(s) and a link to more info about them. Maybe Wikipedia?

Someone i really admire is Conan Gray, i really admire him because his songs are really inspirational and it makes me wanna write songs.

Wikipedia page on Conan Gray 

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