strangers song feedback


    • For this session, I really wanted to make something personal, that I was proud of. This song is about loving someone that you don’t want to love and it’s difficult but in the end, you just want to forget about them and just want things to be okay on your end. My goal was to make something I was proud of so I could share it with others to enjoy


  1. Was it cohesive?
  2.  Was the melody good?


Peer Feedback

    • The melodies are really nice –  Marius
    • The voice goes so well with the chords of the guitar – Michael 
    • This is such a lovely sounding song –  Matthew 

Stretch Goal for April 2020

  • Role – Pick a role, listed above, to focus on (director, musician, coder, etc. refer back to Career Exploration work)

My goal for this session is to be a musician and performer.

  • SMART Goal – What is your SMART goal?

by April 30, as a part of my melody project and to better understand melody, i will have created a song with a good melody behind it that is different than my other melodies, this will show over the next week

  • Why – Why do you want to achieve it?

i want to achieve it because i wanna create something different and fun, instead of being sad and gloomy. i will show something someone would want to listen to.

  • How – How will you achieve it?

how i will achieve this is by playing around with my instruments and finding something that fits and i can write lyrics to, or just finish the melody and work with it.

  • When – When will you work on it? 3 times a week? What days? How long per day?

i will be working on it everyday so i can get a better understanding of what i wanna work on and what sounds good to compose.

  • Resources – What resources do you need / will you use?

i will probably use songs i like to listen to and see what chords they use and a chart of chords i can do.

  • Milestones – What smaller goals will you set along the way? Set weekly dates on a calendar. These are little celebrations of progress

  • day one, i want to look at chords of artist i like and play their songs, writing down chords i can use and looking at a chord chart to see what other chords i wanna use.
  • day two, i will study the notes that i decided to write down and see if i know how to play them or learn how to play them.
  • day three, practice the chords till i can get them down and fiddle with the chords to make a chords progression.
  • day four, mess around and find the chords i wanna use in the melody and create that structure.
  • day five, write down the chords I’m gonna use and record lyrics that could go with it and listen to it and find the lyrics to go with if i chose to do that.
  • day six, record the song and post it on Soundcloud and send Leduc.
  • Heroines / Heroes – Who do you admire/ look up to that has done this before? Place their name(s) and a link to more info about them. Maybe Wikipedia?

Someone i really admire is Conan Gray, i really admire him because his songs are really inspirational and it makes me wanna write songs.

Wikipedia page on Conan Gray 

Melody Project

  • Summary

  • My First Melody

  • Lesson Melody

  • One of My Favorite Melodies

  • My Second Melody

Melody Composition Terms

  • Theme – a longer, more flowing melodic idea
  • Motive – a short, rhythmic idea (Beethoven’s firth symphony)
  • Period – is 8 measures of music
  • Phrase – average 4 measures
  • Antecedent (Question) Phrase – the first phrase is called this
  • Consequent (Answer) Phrase –  second phrase is called this
  • Scale Degrees – position of a particular note on a scale
  • Tonic – start and stop notes. other words home 
  • Supertonic, Mediant, Submediant – neighbor to the tonic note 
  • Dominant, Subdominant, Leading Tone – the most forward movement away from home notes 
  • Steps – any movement using half or whole steps
  • Leaps – any movement using intervals larger than a whole-step
  • Conjunct motion – melody built primarily out of steps
  • Disjunct motion – melody built primarily using leaps
  • Repetition – used repeated materials to create a link between the two phrases of a period
  • Contrast – write two phrases that contain contrasting material to create tension and interest
  • Variation – halfway between repetition and contrast. the two phrases include some recognizable material and some varied material

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

Session #5 Production Project


This session was very adequate. I got a lot of things done. I got a whole song done. layed voices up and got them close to matching. I used a guitar this time around. it sounded amazingly against my voice 



Intention (SMART Goal)

to create a nice harmony. to make a new song, nice lyrics, and to make something good


Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s)

Training Source(s)

1:12 I gotta learn how to have a strumming pattern

1:01 to help with strumming patterns 

3:35 keep your hand moving even if you’re not playing that chord 

4:56 say out loud the beats your playing and whisper the ones your not playing so you can always tell how to play like in your head or out loud 

Project Timeline

I’m gonna start everyday tuning

then start warming up for 10 minutes or less

play around with my chords and write down lyrics

try to see what works together and have meaning behind my work or just do it for fun

and this will take most of the session


The actions that I did was that i wrote my song and tried to understand if it went with the chords of the song and made sure that the lyrics all came together.

The (FILM, SOUND, or GAME Creation)

What I created was a song that had power and meaning to me. This song was just another song that goes with all the things that I’m trying to get away from or learn and grow from

Skills Commentary

Skills that I learned and put into this is that rhythm and layering aren’t the same things. The skills I put into this is that I knew how to add voices into the track i was working on and how to make it sound good.


21st Century Skills

I learned that planning is a major skill when it comes down to me getting sick for 3 days. I should always try to make the song get finish and then once done practice a few times and then get it recorded as soon as possible after doing that to make sure i have time to edit the tracks and have time to do retakes.

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

That I can do this and that I will be able to finish this work and get it done. I decided to find a way to do this song and got it done. 

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

I sat down and started playing chords and started to make up some songs of the chord. 

Tools for Working (Info & Media Literacy)

I used google docs, sound traps, and SoundCloud.

Ways of Living in the World (Life & Career)

I learned that layering sound and that’s not harmonizing 

Reactions to the Final Version

Lots of growth, have a great new sound. Great use of guitar, rhythm, and chord structure. don forget a title – Hendrick 

Self-Evaluation of Final Version

I could have done better and could have added more songs. I should have added more chords and added more sound but either way it was pretty good. 

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

Layering is fun and easy but making sure that it is perfect is hard but i will do it better next time to do it and add it into a song. 

Grammar and Spelling



didn’t have time for someone to look at it

Session 2 Production Project Hayden N


we did really good and we had a lot of teamwork. I’m really glad we didn’t have much difficulties and problems because we just asked each other and if that didn’t work we asked the teacher for help on the things we needed to do

21st Century Skills

we started learning our new skills and what we now had to practice to do and we did that. we all tried to help one another if someone was gone or forgot their part and it was really helpful.

Reactions to Final Version

mic placement worked out issues. honest, not likely their position – Brian F.

Evaluation of Final Version

I recorded what I needed to work out and helped anyone if they needed it and I worked out all the kinks of mic placement and the volume of the things we needed to do

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I’ve had problems with the files not saving and not switching it off mono. I solved that by remembering to checking if it was on or off and asked my team to see what I could do to fix that and we just decided to just redo the missing file again

Session 4 Rock Production – Hayden N


we worked very well together in my group. we all worked on our songs and helped each other if we needed it. we every day asked what we all planned to do that day and how much we got done from the day before.

21st Century Skills

We learned how to do stand up meetings and that was something that we learned to do every day and do it and ask everyone questions and fill out what we did. It was something everyone got used to very fast.

Reactions to Final Version

“you did a good job” -Tiana

“I’m always a huge stan. it was so amazing” -Brian

“well done. it’s been fun to hear this piece evolve. you’ve made real progress towards your goals. I heard you sing higher notes and maintain an even pace. nice lyricism. dont rush it. we’ll be happy to follow along with you” -Herynkx 

Evaluation of Final Version

what I learned from this song is that I don’t need to constantly make it faster when it’s not needed and that I should take my time and not constantly just keep throwing it.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I had a hard time writing and adding to the already made song but I overcame that by just working with the song and just seeing where I could add a few more lines and work on it. I also overreached the high notes in the 3 versions of the song so this time I wanted to manage and do the things I wanted to be able to reach in my song. I also learned that slowing my song just a tad would sound a lot nicer than so rushed.



Session 1 Production Project – Hayden


we did a really good job and I’m really happy with our outcome and I’m really glad that we got a good practice and a good run though it and it was really good but I wasn’t so loud when I was singing and I really wish it was louder but overall it was really good and im really glad we were really cohisive together.

21st Century Skills

we first started jamming out and we started to write and play the song trying to follow though, we decided what was good and what wasn’t good in the song, then we perfected what we decide on and we started to get everything else in place like the drums and the guitars.

Reactions to Final Version

Variety in voice – B. Fravoniel

Wonderful, no cons – chandler

Evaluation of Final Version

the song i decided to write was about a lovesick person and that they just wanted more love.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

what i learned in the process was that some of my teammates were hard to work with but i other came it and adapted to what i did  and i tried to learn what the others were doing.

Linkedin Recommendation for Tiana L – Hayden N


It is atypical to find talent like Tiana’s. Her work is always exquisite and so worked on. Tiana’s role was a mixer engineer, she constantly worked on her beat every day until the end of the session. She was able to work through everything and was constantly on her work. No matter how stressful a session is Tiana always finds a way to show her elegant songs and beats. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a partner to make additional work to there song.

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  • They resisted the cookie for 8 minutes and that was the longest 
  • People who were good at waiting and they were doing good 
  • People who waited did better in the sats than the kid who didn’t wait 
  • People who waited were also good kids when they were growing up