Session 2 Production Project Hayden N


we did really good and we had a lot of teamwork. I’m really glad we didn’t have much difficulties and problems because we just asked each other and if that didn’t work we asked the teacher for help on the things we needed to do

21st Century Skills

we started learning our new skills and what we now had to practice to do and we did that. we all tried to help one another if someone was gone or forgot their part and it was really helpful.

Reactions to Final Version

mic placement worked out issues. honest, not likely their position – Brian F.

Evaluation of Final Version

I recorded what I needed to work out and helped anyone if they needed it and I worked out all the kinks of mic placement and the volume of the things we needed to do

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I’ve had problems with the files not saving and not switching it off mono. I solved that by remembering to checking if it was on or off and asked my team to see what I could do to fix that and we just decided to just redo the missing file again

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